All the world’s a stage at Claires Court Senior Girls Drama Fest

28th February 2020

The Claires Court Senior Girls Drama Fest wowed audiences as pupils from Years 7 to 9 performed adaptations of William Shakespeare’s works, ranging from King Lear to Richard III.

With performances over two nights, pupils created a short production to promote the key dramatic and production skills they have learned as part of Claires Court’s drama curriculum. Pupil’s used Shakespeare’s plays as inspiration for their work, with Year 7 focusing on the comedies, Year 8 the tragedies and Year 9 the histories, creating a wide range of theatrical performances.

Kate Warren, Head of Drama at Claires Court Senior Girls, spoke of the learning experience: “The process has been a journey for pupils who have acquired the key skills to work effectively as a member of a production team, as well as developing their acting skills on stage. Many parents commented on how their daughter has grown in confidence and self-esteem since starting at our school, and taking part in drama really helps each pupil to step out their comfort zone.”

The award for best performance went to the Year 7 group for their adaptation of Much Ado about Nothing.

Margaret Heywood, Head of Senior Girls, commended the pupils: “Well done to the girls from Years 7 to 9 for all their hard work over the last couple of months preparing this year’s Drama Fest which provided the perfect opportunity for our pupils to experience the power of drama.

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