The ISA School Leadership Expert Crisis Mentoring Group

19th March 2020

At times of crisis, it’s important to be able to pick up the phone to speak to an experienced and expert professional friend.

While ISA HQ remains your source of advice for any matter, the following expert School Leaders are happy to receive your call at any time, to discuss any issues related to coronavirus, business continuity and school closures. You may just want to share concerns or frustrations, or just share experiences to date. Each of the contacts below have been chosen for their wisdom and skills in supporting Heads at a time of crisis, so please do call at any time. If one happens to be on a call, please feel able to call another.

You are welcome to call at random – there’s no need to select someone you know, have heard of, or who is in the same type of school as yourselves, though our SEN specialist is Barry Huggett. They will expect your call at any time.

Don’t forget that the ISA Online Support Community is also a source of advice, with 650+ regular users across ISA’s community. Email to join.


Name Direct Mobile School
Matthew Adshead 07985 377830 Old Vicarage School
Dionne Seagrove 07929 475097 Torwood House School
James Wilding 07712 670614 Claires Court
Andrew Hampton 07921 068058 Thorpe Hall School
Pauline Wilson 07711 264746 Ursuline Prep School
Angela Culley 07779 098026 Ex The Mead Prep School
Stephen McKernan 07912 782056 St. Edward’s Prep School
Tracey Wilson 07791 604753 St. John’s Priory
Penny Ford 07784 541108 Burton Hathow
Elizabeth Brown 07909 834586 The New School Exeter
John R Wood 07803 637888 Ex The Dixie Grammar School
Barry Huggett 07900 698892 More House Foundation
Jeff Shaw 07966 287898 Scarisbrick Hall School