How one school is running things during lockdown

8th April 2020

The Alternative School (known as TAS) is an independent education provider for young people, who for one reason or another, do not engage in mainstream education. TAS have always had an ‘alternative approach’ to education, embracing the outdoors, practical skills and celebrating the uniqueness of each and every one of their pupils. When the challenge of the Covid19 lockdown arrived, TAS rose to the occasion, seeing this as their opportunity to shine.

“We all thought that this was going to be the breaking of TAS, but this is actually the making of us” – Lauren, TAS Blackpool North Lead.

Each and every one of the staff members at TAS, from the teachers to the finance officer, has taken the time to create a bank of digital learning videos which are being distributed across their social media channels and the school website. Teaching staff have created remote learning packs which have been delivered to pupils. Staff are embracing their skills and live streaming everything from cooking lessons to workouts, as well as delivering daily virtual Maths, English and BTEC Topic lessons. Every pupil has also been given a school email address, and are weekly receiving school news, as they would in an assembly, and enjoying quizzes and games. TAS has been praised by local authority for their continuous good work, going above and beyond their call of duty.

“In these difficult times, we truly are helping the wider communities to cope by providing, food, education, support and safeguarding to a total of 188 families across Lancashire and North Yorkshire, that without us, would certainly pull on other local resources and perhaps get lost in this crisis.” – Kirsty Pugh, Founder of TAS.

Check out TAS on social media for their updates, or have a look at their website to learn more about who they are and how they may be able to help you! #EducationInIsolation