Pupils at Mulberry House School helping out the community by delivering fun yoga cards to the neighbourhood.

12th May 2020

The pupils at Mulberry House School have been helping out the community by delivering fun yoga cards to the neighbourhood. The pupils thought the cards would inspire children without garden to get some exercise during lockdown.

The children created their own cards based on yoga poses they have learnt at school and designed them with the help of one of their teachers Chloe O’Connell Jones.

The colourful cards show children in yoga poses with names for the poses such as ‘Thoughtful’, ‘Mindful’, ‘Resilient, ‘Penguin’, ‘Elephant’ and ‘Meerkat’.
The key worker children, who are still attending the school for 2-7 year olds , went with their class teacher and their PE Specialist, Marc Andrews delivering the cards with a personal note:

‘Dear Neighbours,
We have created some yoga cards for people who do not have a garden. We hope you enjoy them and stay safe and healthy. Lots of love from The Mulberry House School.’

Headteacher Victoria Playford said she was really proud of the children who came up with the idea to distribute the cards.

She said: ‘The children have been really enjoying learning various yoga poses at school and they thought that it would be an ideal exercise for other children who might not have a garden to go into during the lockdown. I am really proud that they have taken the initiative and are doing something for other children in the community.’

Ms Playford said that although the children also knew many exercise classes were available online, they thought there would be many children who would prefer to have their own set of cards.

She added: ‘Not only is yoga good for physical health but it is also good for mental health and, of course, you don’t need to go outside to do it.’