7th October 2020

The new school year brings with it a multitude of considerations, especially given the current pandemic and various anxieties around safety and wellbeing of both staff and pupils. The challenges that many schools face within their catering departments are ensuring that nutritious, sustainable, and quality assured meals can still be delivered in a way which is safe, cost effective, and compliant with the new ways of working.

Balanced nutritional content plays a vital role

At apetito, all meals are developed in-house by their expert chefs in full consultation with their registered dietitian to ensure the appropriate nutritional content is considered and implemented before any of the meals are produced. Getting the balance right is crucial, especially when it comes to young children, and the known impact that nutrition can have on their performance throughout the long school day.
Everything that they do is designed to give reassurance to teachers and parents that meals served in school dining rooms are safe, giving them the confidence that pupils are enjoying nutritionally balanced menus.

Meeting bespoke dietary needs

One of the biggest concerns for schools when catering for pupils is how they guarantee safety in the provision of menus for pupils who have ‘free from’ requirements.
Schools can choose from apetito’s extensive collection of meals that are ‘free from’ all of the 14 known allergens, and they also operate a strict allergen control and simple ordering system, which has been specifically designed to give total confidence in what children are consuming at mealtimes. This fail-safe system enables allergens to be identified at the point of ordering, giving additional reassurance to their partners.

Why not challenge apetito to save you time and money?

Saving time and money are both key priorities for many schools, especially when it comes to managing busy kitchen environments alongside concerns as to new ways of working. apetito assist their partners in delivering tasty and nutritious mealtimes for pupils but in a way that is easy, stress-free, and straightforward to manage.

If you are looking at potentially changing how you ensure safe and value driven mealtimes, please do challenge apetito to save you time and money with absolutely no compromise on the quality of your meals provision.

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