The Gower School pupils pay tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore during Dress Up Day

11th February 2021

The Gower School in Islington held a Dress Up Day on Wednesday, 3 February, for which children were encouraged to create homemade costumes inspired by someone they admire.

There was much creativity on display, with the children dressing up as everyone from teachers, scientists and doctors, to entertainers and children’s book characters. But it was the sight of children paying tribute to Captain Sir Tom Moore, just a day after his passing, that pulled everyone’s heart strings.

Anabelle E, age 8, said why she dressed up as the nation’s hero: “I chose Captain Sir Tom Moore because he’s inspiring and kind. I especially liked his saying ‘Tomorrow’s going to be a good day because if you are feeling low you know things will get better’.” Her brother, Thomas, also chose to dress as Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Currently, only children of critical workers are physically attending the school, so the majority of TGS children took part in the Dress Up Day from home, sharing costumes on Zoom. They had great fun explaining their choice of costume, as well as learning about each other’s heroes.

The event served as part of the school’s wider commitment to brightening up the children’s remote learning experience with a roster of inventive co-curricular activities, including online baking sessions with the Principal, Miss Emma Gowers, House mornings, discos, virtual museum and gallery tours, concerts and theatre trips online and more.