Athlete of the Term – Spring 2021 Winners

19th March 2021

We are pleased to be able to announce our Spring 2021 Athlete of the Term Winners! Following some truly inspiring and impressive achievements over lockdown, our winners claimed convincing victories on our Twitter page. This term’s winners are Maddie from Kingsley School, and Archie from Our Lady of Sion School. Congratulations to you both, very worthy winners!

Maddie from Kingsley School

Maddie has spent the last term like all other children, in lockdown, with one of the main motivators in life taken away, sport. Maddie loves sport and while her main love is gymnastics she also participates in tennis, dance, swimming, running and all sports within the school curriculum. In the middle of January Maddie decided that she would like to fundraise for her gymnastics club who had recently thrown out a lot of the foam that they use in their pit due to a leak. Maddie decided that she would run 4 marathons in 4 weeks. This was a massive challenge and came with its ups and downs, however with the support of the gym club her friends/family and Kingsley School, she managed to raise over £1400. Such an achievement for someone so young. During this time Maddie has also been training on zoom 5 days a week for gymnastics, 2 days a week for dance and has also managed to keep up with her piano lessons and Devon squad training. Maddie’s enthusiasm for running didn’t stop with her marathon challenge, she also ran and won the inter-house cross country race. Well done, Maddie!

Archie from Our Lady of Sion

Archie takes every opportunity to compete and represent the school in a variety of sports. His attitude and focus is outstanding in lessons and extra-curricular sport. Archie shows the strongest aspects of sportsmanship in everything he does and is a perfect role-model for the other students, and is polite, considerate and very popular with his peers. Archie’s main strength is in the endurance running field, both cross-country and track and field. He has represented the school at district, county and national level in cross-country. Despite the challenges faced during this pandemic, Archie has continued to train hard and runs regularly, preparing to compete when the opportunity returns. He entered the most entries for the Schools ‘Coastal Challenge’ and helped Our Lady of Sion complete the distance two weeks early. Well done, Archie!

The Athlete of the Term competition is a termly event on our Twitter page. Teachers can nominate two pupils with outstanding contributions to sports both in and outside of their school. We received some fantastic nominations this term, and would like to congratulate all of the nominees and shortlisted athletes for their achievements this term; the dedication and hard work has been so inspirational to see. ISA schools should be very proud of their pupils.

Special mention to our Spring Shortlisted Students:

  • Bo from St James Senior Boys’ School
  • Caitlin from Kirkstone House School
  • Ajani from Bournemouth Collegiate School
  • Freya from Malvern St James

To view their full stories visit here.