Pupils of Orchard School and Nursery become best-selling authors

24th March 2021

A smiling pupil writes at his desk

The pupils of Orchard School & Nursery are officially Amazon best-selling authors. The small prep school in the Bedfordshire village of Barton-le-Clay, has self-published a collection of poems written by its pupils on their observations and experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The book, ‘Lockdown – Poems & Thoughts’, is a touching collection of poems, with contributions from children aged 20 months to 9 years across the school. It includes full poems by individual children, as well as direct quotes from younger pupils, taken from March to December 2020. At times poignant and often humorous, topics range from losing family members, to home-schooling struggles, through to thoughts on chickens and the Prime Minister!

‘Lockdown – Poems & Thoughts’ was released shortly before Christmas 2020 and jumped straight into Amazon’s list of Best-Selling Poetry Books, making the pupils of Orchard School and Nursery officially best-selling authors.

A young pupil writes at her deskThe poetry book began as a way to help the children to express their feelings and emotions about the pandemic and lockdown restrictions. In order to help to build resilience, it was important to give the pupils multiples ways in which to voice their feelings and experiences, whilst ensuring that as adults, we listened. The initiative aims to channel the children’s frustration and confusion about the pandemic by allowing them to express themselves creatively and give them a real sense of achievement by seeing their work published.

Funds raised from sales will be donated to Addenbroke’s Hospital for research purposes, as part of the school’s ongoing partnership with the hospital and in place of its usual donation as a result of funds raised at the annual fun run. 

Here is a one of the poems from the collection:

Covid Times

I learned remotely and it turned out to be great!
But I missed school and I wished to go back.
I didn’t see friends but life tends to work out.
Tricky times in our lives to handle, but we survived

Washing hands never ends
but it’s not just me, it’s also all of my friends.
Wash your hands with soap.
I know it’s tricky, but you should be able to cope!