Bridgewater pupils join classmate to help Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

23rd April 2021

At 11am on Tuesday, 27 April 2021, Prep pupils at Bridgewater School in Worsley will join their classmate, six year old Olly, to walk his daily mile in support of RMCH Charity.

The 1 April 2021 saw Prep II pupil at Bridgewater School, Olly, embark on a journey with his auntie to raise money for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital Charity by walking a collective 130 miles.

Six-year-old Olly, a regular visitor to the Children’s Hospital since birth and who has recently undergone further significant surgery (Chiari Decompression surgery to help reduce fluid on his spine), suffers from Hypopituitarism – a rare condition that means his body cannot produce the right amount of cortisol to cope with day-to-day living, making emotional and physical stresses potentially life-threatening.

Despite the family experiencing the ordeal of repeated adrenal crises and the additional anxiety that COVID-19 has brought over the last 12 months, Olly’s positive outlook is unwavering and, as he focuses on his task of raising money to help other children, his Bridgewater family are delighted to support him in achieving his goal.

Said Mr Rooney, Head of the Prep Department: “Olly is a wonderful young individual whose strength and positivity inspires joy amongst both his friends and teachers alike. We are so very proud of him and continue to be fully committed to supporting the family in whatever way we can, which is why, next week, Olly’s classmates will join him in his challenge and complete his daily mile as a team.”

To date, Olly and his ‘Auntie Dee Dee’, Dionne Wonta, have raised over £1,750 for the charity which ‘exists to enhance the experience of the 280,000 children cared for by the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital each and every year.’

To read more about this inspiring individual, please visit the family’s JustGiving page.