Royal visit to Pitsford School

28th April 2021

A helicopter landing on a field

Her Royal Highness the Princess Royal took everyone by surprise on Tuesday, 27 April when she landed the Royal helicopter in the grounds of Pitsford School. It may not be the first time that Pitsford School has had royal visitors[1], but it is the first time that they have landed their helicopter on the rugby pitches!


Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal was in Northamptonshire for the day carrying out a number of engagements and had asked to use the school’s beautiful grounds to safely land before heading off by car for her appointments.

HRH The Princess Royal walking on a field Obviously the visiting member of the Royal family and the helicopter weren’t a total surprise! In order to maintain tight security only a handful of staff knew about the visit in advance and not telling the children had been a difficult secret to keep. However, it is safe to say that all pupils from age 3 through to 18 were impressed by the visit and although Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal wasn’t able to stay and talk, the children were excited to come out and wave as she passed through. Nothing quite gets the children (and adults) as excited as the prospect of a helicopter landing in the school grounds… nothing that is except a Royal helicopter carrying a Princess!

Students and a member of staff standing next to a helicopterThe students were also able to have a closer look at the helicopter and ask the pilots and flight team questions about all things flying and working for the Royal family. The helicopter was in the school grounds for a couple of hours before taking to the skies again and heading off to the next appointment in the county, so there was plenty of time for questions and photos!

After the melancholy of a winter in lockdown, this little piece of excitement was the perfect start to the summer term and whilst the noise of the helicopter has now faded, the buzz from the visit is still very much in evidence around the school.

[1] Before it became a school Pitsford Hall would regularly host the Duke of York before he became King George V and in more recent times the late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother visited the school in 1992 to open the library and visit the children.