Enterprise Week at Ursuline Preparatory School

29th April 2021

four pupils stand in a line each wearing a different coloured t shirt

Every year the Upper Two class (Year 6) at The Ursuline Preparatory School in Brentwood participate in Enterprise Week and despite COVID-19, this year was no exception.

The four houses within U2 each chose a charity that they wanted to raise money for. St Andrew’s selected Community Embrace, St David’s chose Young Minds, St Patrick’s decided on Fare Share and St. George’s picked WWF.

The theme this year was “I’m an Upper Two get me out of here!” Each house devised and carried out their own (often gruesome) challenge and also took part in Mrs Macdonald’s daily House Point Hoard Challenge. Many of the classes within school were able to join “Ant and Dec’s” morning Zoom meetings to vote for the house member they wanted to take part in that day’s challenge. St George’s were triumphant , winning 3 of the 5 events and the whole class had great fun competing against each other in some very weird and wonderful ways, such as the “Cinderella” obstacle course and a sumo challenge.

Some of the fundraising challenges included drinking a smoothie that had been made by a sibling, with some very interesting ingredients, such as chilli, watercress and ginger. The children also had to search for plastic insects in a bowl of jelly using only their mouths.

The House Captains put together a presentation to promote their charity and activities to the rest of the school. A special mention must go the members of St. Andrew’s House, who spent a morning volunteering at the food bank in Harlow.

It was a really successful week and Upper Two had an amazing time completing all of their challenges. It was also a record-breaking fundraising result, as between the four Houses they raised an incredible £2,904.84.

Mrs Macdonald, Deputy Head and Class Teacher said that she was very proud of Upper Two for the fantastic achievement and for working together as a team so successfully. She was also overwhelmed by the generosity of the parents and families for their contributions to the Just Giving Pages that were set up to support the children’s initiatives.