Crackley Hall’s Year 2 class come first nationally in global maths challenge

19th May 2021

Year 2 class stand in a group

Children from the Year 2 class at Crackley Hall School have come first in the country in a global maths competition that pitched children against their equivalent year group. The school’s Junior 3 class did nearly as well placing second nationally in the Year 3 league, while the Junior 1 children came fourth overall.

Pupils at Crackley Hall joined millions of children across the world on Wednesday, 5 May in a Live Mathletics challenge, a world-wide event that saw schools go head-to-head in maths quizzes to mark World Maths Day. Pupils took part online, completing 20 rounds of number-based questions, against children in the same school year, answering as many sums as possible in 60 seconds.

A pupil in school uniform stands smiling at the cameraJunior 2 were ranked 31st in the world with Junior 3 coming 39th globally and Junior 1 99th. Across the school there were also many excellent individual results with Junior 3 pupil, Arthur, placing 13th nationally in his year group, and taking the honour of being the top achieving pupil at the school.

Headmaster, Rob Duigan, was delighted with the results and said, “This is a super achievement and I am very proud of the children. Their success in this competition reflects the high standard of teaching and learning here at Crackley Hall. Having fun with maths is important to embedding maths skills, we use Mathletics to enhance and embed our pupils’ learning and the children really enjoyed this global Mathletics challenge.”

The competition was part of a week of mathematical activities at the school that culminated in a themed Number Day.