The Gower School celebrates twenty years with Founder’s Day

3rd June 2021

Pupils in fancy dress are cheering with their hands in the air

Outstanding Independent Islington school, The Gower School, has celebrated two decades since opening its doors. In honour of the special anniversary the primary school celebrated with an inaugural Founder’s Day on Wednesday, 26th May to mark the special day.

The Founder’s Day began with dazzling displays from an amazing team of circus entertainers – including jugglers, stilt walkers, and balloon artists – as The Gower School children arrived at the school gate. The children learned some circus skills of their own during an outdoor workshop in Joseph Grimaldi Park, before taking part in fun and imaginative drama, music, dance and art sessions with the school’s specialist teachers.

Both children and staff were encouraged to dress up as a character from a musical for the day. There were so many fabulous and eye-catching costumes on the day, representing a wide array of musicals – including ‘The Lion King’, ‘Oliver Twist’, ‘School of Rock’, ‘Cats’, ‘Aladdin’, ‘Peter Pan’, ‘The Phantom of the Opera’, ‘Grease’, ‘The Wizard of Oz’, and many more!

Boy spinning a plateMost of Cynthia Street, where the primary school is located, is closed to vehicles from 8:30–9am. As the children were dropped off at the school, children and their parents encountered a spectacular display from party planner extraordinaire Mr Twizzle and his wonderful team of entertainers. It was a feast for the senses, and the children seemed bewitched by the performances, lively music and bubble machine. In addition, the children had plenty of fun getting their faces painted and taking photos in the special The Gower School photo booth.

Some success of the day was palpable by the comments from the children: “Look, I can spin these plates so well”, “These games are so cool”, “This day is so fun and amazing”, “I have to admit, this day is the best” and “This was my most favourite day at school ever. I wish every single day was like this.”

Miss Emma Gowers, founder and Principal of the school, said: “Our school is officially twenty years old this year! It has been amazing seeing children come to our nursery since 2000 as babies and toddlers, and proceed through our primary school, which opened in September 2007. Some of our students have now taken GCSE’s and are choosing universities! Our children love art and drama, and many told me the event was exactly the kind of joyous break from reality they needed after a difficult year – the amount of glowing feedback we received from the children was almost overwhelming and they are already looking forward to the next one! I had the pleasure of visiting each class to admire their costumes, and delivered ice creams to each of the children, as well as cake at the end of the school day. Thanks to all our staff and families who make our school such a special place.”

The school’s celebration was delayed due to the pandemic and they were delighted to be able to celebrate as the school community again after such a long time. As the school could not invite parents to join in on the fun indoors, the school is preparing a well-documented video to share with its parents.