Scarisbrick Hall School take part in Happily Ever Smarter

14th June 2021

3 pupils wave the Cambodia flag

Pupils at Scarisbrick Hall School in Scarisbrick, Lancashire are taking part in Happily Ever Smarter – a new campaign from United World Schools (UWS) to make going to school a reality for thousands of children living in some of the world’s poorest and most marginalised communities, for the very first time in their lives. Over the last few weeks Scarisbrick Hall School pupils have been ‘running the 4,200 miles to Chrung’ – a village in Cambodia – where they partner a school and have already raised a staggering £13,963.

One in six children worldwide do not have the chance to attend school and in the remote areas where UWS works less than a third of children complete primary education. Schools are often so far away that it’s dangerous for young children to walk there and there isn’t always an understanding of the importance of education. Children are often needed to work in the fields and at home, keeping them trapped in a cycle of poverty. COVID-19 has exacerbated this education crisis. Pupils at Scarisbrick Hall School know only too well how hard it has been to learn during the pandemic, but for children in extremely remote areas with no technology it’s been almost impossible.

A pupil from Scarisbrick SchoolEddie, 11, said, “I missed school and seeing my friends over lockdown and we were lucky to have our lessons take place on Teams so when I heard about these children who have no technology and have to walk for over an hour to get to school when it is open, it makes me feel very lucky. As a school we have all enjoyed running/walking and knowing that the money we’ve raised can go a long way to help the school children in Asia.”

Headteacher of Scarisbrick Hall School, Jeff Shaw, said: “For Happily Ever Smarter we’ve challenged our pupils to run to Cambodia – it’s 4,200 miles, so on average each pupil has to run 9 miles. We want them to use this opportunity to get their body moving, do things out in the fresh air and understand the value of what giving a small amount of money can actually do to transform another child’s life.”

“We’re delighted with how our pupils have engaged with Happily Ever Smarter and the work that UWS do in some of the most remote places in the world. They get a real insight into the barriers to education and how thousands of children in remote areas have many challenges just to complete a basic primary education. And we’re delighted that we’ve now raised £13,963!”

All donations to Happily Ever Smarter until 29 July are being doubled by the UK government which means that the money raised by Scarisbrick Hall School amounts to £27,926 – enough to support education for 349 children for an entire year. To find out more and donate visit

A class stands in front of a playground waving the Cambodia flag