Athlete of the Term – Summer Winners 2021

2nd July 2021


We are pleased to be able to announce our Summer 2021 Athlete of the Term Winners! Following some truly inspiring and impressive achievements over lockdown, our winners claimed convincing victories on our Twitter page. This term’s winners are Paige from Orchard School, and Alfie from Bridgewater School. Congratulations to you both, very worthy winners!

Paige from Orchard School

Paige was quite rightly nominated as Athlete of the Term by a number of members of staff, including the specialist PE teacher who pointed to not only Paige’s excellent performance in PE lessons but also her determination and positive attitude. Paige is a talented and skillful athlete who pushes through any pain or barriers that her CP presents. Paige’s speed and determination is seen in the Morning Mile that she runs with her class and her weekly commitment to the school’s running club. Paige shows great sportsmanship and enjoys cheering on and encouraging her peers. Paige’s determination and resilience was exemplified with her skipping. She learned to skip in the past year and practised with a steely determination. Paige is now such a proficient skipper that she has even skipped whilst reading a book! Well done Paige!

Alfie from Bridgewater School 

Alfie is such a unique and phenomenal talent, with an outstanding range of skills and attributes across a range of sports. Alfie is an exceptional athlete, with a rare combination of speed and endurance, enabling him to set school records in sprinting and cross country. 

Alfie is a former ISA winner of the 60m and the winner of the ISA Northern Cross Country Championships. During this term, Alfie has set multiple school records and in Virtual Athletic Competitions against other schools has won every event entered. In the current ISA Virtual Athletics Championships Alfie won gold nationally in the 600m and the Cricket Ball Throw. Alfie has produced times and distances that would have also seen him reach ISA National Finals in 80 m sprint, 150m Throw and the Long Jump. However, the real strength of Alfie lies within invasion games, where he is on another level.

In his final term at Bridgewater Alfie will leave knowing he was pivotal in securing ISA finals in cricket and the National 5 a-side competitions for the first time in the school’s history. He is an inspiration to team mates, with his commitment and determination to do well for himself and his team. Alfie is a role model, a leader, a coach to his peers and has a tactical awareness beyond his years. Throughout lock down and during the current term, Alfie has combined his studies with his commitments to Manchester City FC, where Alfie has been an Academy player since 2016. He currently captains the Academy team and has maintained his rigorous training programme with his school studies throughout the term. Well done Alfie!


The Athlete of the Term competition is a termly event on our Twitter page. Teachers can nominate two pupils with outstanding contributions to sports both in and outside of their school. We received some fantastic nominations this term, and would like to congratulate all of the nominees and shortlisted athletes for their achievements this term; the dedication and hard work has been so inspirational to see. ISA schools should be very proud of their pupils.

Special mention to our Summer Shortlisted Students:

  • Laura from Stonar School
  • Davina from Tettenhall College
  • Will from Claires Court School
  • Mitchell from Bredon School

To view their full stories visit here.