Major success for artistic DLD College London student

12th July 2021

Gifted artist and DLD College London student, Angela (Yun Sun), has been selected by the prestigious Royal Academy of Arts to showcase her work at the Young Artists’ Summer Show 2021.

The Young Artists’ Summer Show is an open submission exhibition for students aged 5 – 19 studying in the UK and British schools overseas. Angela’s artwork is one of just a small number of pieces which has been successfully selected for display at the show, after over 33,000 submissions were received by the Royal Academy of Arts.

Angela, a Year 13 A level art student at the multi award-winning school, received the much-coveted place for her sculpture created with paper clay and acrylic paint, called ‘Human Desire’.

Explaining what motivated her to create the artwork, Angela commented, “Human desires are endless, and people constantly strive to climb higher on the ladder of success, just after they achieve or gain something. In this work, macarons were likened to human desires because macarons look beautiful and taste sweet. There are people on the tower trying to climb higher and reach the top. The top of the tower is collapsing, and this demonstrates people’s excessive ambitions and greed, resulting in the destruction of everything they have already gained and achieved in life.”

DLD College London Principal, Irfan Latif said, “Angela is an exceptionally gifted student. We are delighted that her hard work and creativity have been recognised with this invitation to showcase her talent at the Young Artists’ Summer Show 2021, at the highly regarded Royal Academy of Arts. Her outstanding masterpiece stood out amongst over 33,000 other submissions to secure a highly-coveted space at this prestigious show – a fantastic achievement!”

Angela’s work will be on display at the show between 13 July and 8 August 2021. Entrance to the show is free, however booking is required to gain entry –

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