LVS Hassocks helps students to ‘Sleep Right’

4th August 2021

LVS Hassocks, an independent school in Sayers Common for young people with autism, has been awarded ‘Sleep Right’ school accreditation.

The school is supporting its students to get a good night’s sleep. Many people suffer with insomnia and sleep difficulties are particularly common in young people with autism. It can range from finding it hard to go to sleep to waking in the night and often leaves sufferers feeling tired, irritable and unable to concentrate.

In 2020, NASS (the National Association of Independent and Non-maintained Special Schools) partnered with Hunrosa Sleep Consultancy to develop the ‘Sleep Right’ Resource aimed at supporting schools to improve the quality and quantity of sleep for children and young people.

The programme examines how sleep works, sleep science, sleep needs, strategies and methods to gain good quality sleep including bedroom environment and bedtimes, anxiety and sensory needs, as well as how to identify a sleep problem and what to do.

LVS Hassocks’ principal, Jen Weeks, commented; “We’re delighted to have achieved this accreditation for the school. Sleep is essential for physical and mental health and without it we can all suffer with low mood, temperamental mood changes and lack of concentration. Long term it can lead to further health and lifestyle complications. At LVS Hassocks we are dedicated to enabling students to go beyond expectations, and a good night’s sleep is the very foundation to ensuring they can achieve their personal best.”

Claire Dorer, NASS CEO, said; “We are delighted to see schools embracing our training. Sleep is a uniting issue for all of us and we know that special schools often struggle to find advice and resources specifically tailored to them.”