Phenomenal A Level results at Leighton Park School

10th August 2021

 It has been a challenging two years of learning in the pandemic with lockdowns and isolation periods adding another layer of difficulty to courses which are already academically rigorous, so Sixth Formers at Leighton Park were delighted to receive their phenomenal results this morning, with 72% A*/A and 93% A*/B. 

The Theatre Studies group were not phased by the compromises of their Sixth Form experience. “It did make the practical side hard, but we improvised productively,” commented Tomi E. “It’s been like a family, like a team. It was a really safe space to learn and it’s been fun!” added Head Girl, Lorna G. “The school was always clear what was going on so that made it easier” added Michael M. The support of the community was appreciated by parents as well as students, with Jasmin B’s proud mum, Cindy, reflecting, “It’s a real testament to LP; the School got the best out of her and I don’t think any other school would have done. She got 3 As which is amazing.”

There were plenty of proud parents on the Park including Peter and Rachel M, whose daughter Annie is off to the university where they met, Christ’s College, Cambridge to read Engineering in the Autumn. “It feels really awesome. I didn’t know if I was going to make Cambridge but I have. It feels like the world decided to make everything a little more exciting!” Annie, whose 4 A*s in Maths, Further Maths, DT and Physics, was part of the DT class with 100% A*/A grades. Fellow DT student, Tom C, was inspired by Annie’s brother, Josh, an Old Leightonian currently studying at Loughborough, to follow in his footsteps to study Product Design Engineering. “When he described it, I knew it was what I wanted to do as it enables me to continue with everything that I have really enjoyed about DT at Leighton Park.” said Tom.

Tom’s twin, Harry, who also studied Maths and Physics at A Level is pursuing a different direction as his AAB results confirm his dream place of Business Management at the University of Liverpool. The boys are as pleased for each other as they are for themselves; “I came in this morning expecting to have to sort out a back-up plan but I’m over the moon!” enthused Harry. “We have spent so much time planning for what could go wrong, it is so great to have our first choices!”

Head of Sixth Form, Helen Taylor, observes, “It’s an excellent Sixth Form, it’s the best two years in the School, you’ve got a focused curriculum looking at the subjects you enjoy most and when Sixth Formers leave here it is always ‘I’ve had such a good time, I’m so sorry I’m going, I’d like to stay a bit longer.’”

Matthew Judd, Head, added, “Following a very difficult set of circumstances this year, our Upper Sixth students achieved spectacular outcomes. They have had to show unprecedented resilience and patience in the run up to these results. They have achieved all we wanted for them in securing outstanding university placements. I congratulate the whole community for their outstanding efforts in their A Levels, CTECs and BTECs.”