Wemms celebrates on results day

11th August 2021

Wemms Education Centre is a special school that offers education to pupils who have been unable to cope in mainstream education, all of whom have had to overcome many challenges to reach success. The school offers a safe and nurturing community to those who are not comfortable in an environment of large buildings, big classes and noise. 

We are extremely proud of our students:

Saul H: A level Maths, Further Maths Economics all A*, who will be attending the University of Warwick to study the MORSE course (Mathematics & Operational Research & Statistics & Economics)

Lucie S: A level maths, in one year, A*

Harry A: Diploma in Cyber Security

And our Year 12 and 11 students’ AS results:

History 5A 1B, Politics 3A 1B, English 2 A, Maths 4 A, Biology 1A, Physics 2A, and Sociology 2 A