The Gower School Nursery land Gold Award from Healthy Early Years London

14th October 2021

Gower School Nursery wins HEYL Gold Award

The Gower School Nursery have been recognised for providing an excellent education at the early years level with the Gold award from Healthy Early Years London (HEYL).

The awards scheme, which is funded by the Mayor of London, aims to support and recognise achievements in child health, wellbeing and development in early years settings.

HEYL is in place to support a healthy start to life across themes including healthy eating, oral and physical health and early cognitive development.

The Gower School Nursery landed the Gold Award, the highest accolade offered by HEYL, in September 2021 after demonstrating their work through case studies.

Deputy Head of the Nursery, Miss Sofia Pedrana, led the project from February to June 2021, which involved Nursery staff working tirelessly to create two case studies covering different topics.

The “Wellbeing” case study was supported by the Leuven Scale, which is used to measure wellbeing and involvement. Meanwhile the “Sustainability” case study was supported by the Nursery team setting up an edible garden for the children to help nurture and maintain.

Gower’s completed project was praised for demonstrating “outstanding commitment, enthusiasm and dedication, to providing fun, interesting and informative learning opportunities for the children.”

Steps are clearly being taken to prepare young children for school and a healthy life beyond their education.

Miss Sofia Pedrana, admitted that the project was a ‘thoroughly rewarding experience’ for the team:

“I am so proud of The Gower School Nursery team for their commitment to this project. We are always looking to explore new learning opportunities for our children, and putting these case studies together has been a thoroughly rewarding experience for the team. We look forward to building on the success of this project in the future.”

What a remarkable achievement for the school, who celebrated 20 years since their foundation earlier this year. The inaugural celebration was delayed due to the pandemic.

The Gower School is based in Islington, central London. They adopt the Montessori approach to education, which is based on the observations made a century ago by Italy’s first female doctor, Maria Montessori.

The nursery welcomes entry as a baby, toddler or pre-schooler and the primary school opened in 2007.