Abercorn School prepare for demographic ‘boom’ with new premises and senior expansion

25th October 2021

Abercorn Science Experiment

Abercorn School has announced its expansion and the acquisition of an additional new school premises.

Abercorn, a leading independent group of schools in London, have secured a new building which will be its first to accommodate 11–18-year-olds, ahead of an oncoming demographic shift in Great Britain.

The number of 18-year-olds is expected to grow by 25% over the next decade, projecting a considerably more pronounced boom than is expected in all of Europe. (Eurostat ONS, via The Economist).

In 2021, there have been over 605,000 applications in Great Britain for secondary schools to date (DfE 21/22), marking an increase from over 521,000 in 2014 (DfE, 14/15).

The rise is expected to continue rapidly before reaching its peak in 2030.

Founder of the group, Andrea Greystoke stresses that the ‘imminent demographic boom’ will ‘no doubt impact on availability of school places’ as Abercorn have made a move that prepares them to be ahead of the curve:

“This move was originally inspired by the imminent demographic boom in older teenagers over the next decade… which will no doubt impact on availability of school places, and to which parents should be alerted, and advised to register earlier than previously.

“At the same time, I believe there is merit in giving children a path via which they can progress through the education experience where they can remain most stable, and happy.”

Abercorn Arts
Abercorn students enjoying some arts and crafts.

Abercorn will be accepting Year 9 pupils from September 2022, with the aim of growing organically to teach students up to the age of 18.

The new site was originally built as a Church, before becoming the home of Regent’s University and later the Pineapple Dance Studios.

The home of Abercorn’s expansion is Marylebone, central London, with the premises sitting between the sites of the group’s current Middle and Upper Schools.

Andrea Greystoke founded Abercorn in 1987 after making history earlier in her career in becoming the first ever female teacher at St Paul’s Boys School and similarly at King’s College School.

Abercorn Sports
The sports offering at Abercorn certainly looks exciting.

Ms. Greystoke adds that the ‘DNA of Abercorn’ places ‘great importance on wellbeing’, whilst balancing ‘academic excellence’ alongside the sciences and a ‘pursuit of the arts’:

“The DNA of Abercorn is that we place great importance on wellbeing, while striking a balance between academic excellence, including the sciences, combined with a pursuit of the arts.

“From the very beginning of the Abercorn ‘journey’, pupils receive expert teaching by dedicated subject teachers on a wide range of subjects … for instance for those whose children start with us as early as 3 years, their subjects can include French, yoga, music, swimming, and many other creative options.

“Our architecturally distinctive buildings are each dedicated to different age groups and allow children to grow with the school and to remain part of the ‘Abercorn family’.

“This provides a stability and consistency of standards and values, plus a commitment to optimise academic achievement, combined with outstanding pastoral care, to create a sustained and healthy education and life experience. This approach ensures Abercorn is a place where a true love of learning is nurtured appropriately at each stage of a child’s development.”

The expansion means that Abercorn will become one of the few schools in the UK to offer pupils a complete educational journey from the ages of 2 to 18.

In addition to the new premises that will be for 11-18-year-olds, Abercorn’s Lower School welcomes children from the age of 2 and sees them through to Year 1, the Middle School educates Years 2-4 and the Upper School teach Years 5-8.