Arsenal-loving Leehurst Swan Headteacher left with Spurs forfeit after Beat the Boss defeat on BBC Radio Wiltshire

29th October 2021

Leehurst Swan Headteacher Beat the Boss forfeit with pupils and staff

Leehurst Swan Headteacher Terence Ayres had to don the shirt of rivals Tottenham Hotspur after losing to his team of staff in BBC Radio Wiltshire’s Beat the Boss competition.

Mr Ayres challenged Mrs Bateman, Mr Chalk, Mrs Oldham and Mr Willan at the start of October.

BBC Radio Wiltshire’s Beat the Boss consisted of four rounds of a quick-fire general knowledge quiz, with one session live on the airwaves every weekday at 12.30pm.

Beat the Boss started off well for Mr Ayres, as he beat Mrs Bateman 3-2 on the Monday, but the Headmaster failed to taste victory in a single round after the opener.

After the Arsenal-loving Mr Ayres was held to a draw in a north London derby against Mr Chalk in round two, the Leehurst Swan School Headmaster lost to Mrs Oldham and Mr Willan.

Leehurst Swan Headteacher and staff who took part in Beat the Boss
Mr Ayres took his defeat to the Leehurst Swan staff in Beat the Boss on the chin.

The full results were as follows:

Monday:  Mr Ayres 3-2 Mrs Bateman

Tuesday:  Mr Ayres 2-2 Mr Chalk

Wednesday: Mr Ayres 1-2 Mrs Oldham

Thursday: Mr Ayres 1-2 Mr Willan

Defeat meant that the ‘Boss’ had to fulfil the forfeit of wearing a Spurs shirt for the whole of Friday, something that the Headteacher duly embraced like a true good sport.

Mr Ayres found a clever way to stop his skin from burning at the touch of his sworn rivals though, as he wore Arsenal colours under the Spurs shirt.

Had Mr Ayres come away victorious, the staff would’ve been put through their paces in a military-style boot camp.

Sorry staff, but we’re secretly hoping that another competition swings in the favour of the Headmaster so we’d get to see that.

Leehurst Swan School educate boys and girls from the ages of 4 to 16. The first school on its Salisbury site was opened in 1914.

Leehurst Swan Headteacher forfeit with student
Mr Ayres took the forfeit like a true professional.