5,500 miles and no materials not enough to stop driven Abbey College Cambridge student from completing art assignment with distinction

19th November 2021

Artwork by Abbey College Cambridge Student, San Eaint Phoo

Abbey College Cambridge A Level student San Eaint Phoo was not going to allow 5,500 miles and no access to materials come between her and her art assignment…

San Eaint Phoo was learning from her home in Myanmar, which is six-and-a-half-hours ahead of GMT, and was still keen on joining her online clay lesson.

However, completing an art assignment like the rest of her classmates seemed impossible as Covid-19 and political unrest meant that San could not go out to buy clay or have the modelling materials delivered.

Rather than quit, due to circumstances that everyone would understand, San demonstrated an inspiring show of drive, determination and resilience as she completed the task.

The A Level pupil came away with top marks thanks to her efforts and the commitment from the Head of Art at Abbey College Cambridge, Serena O’Connor.

With no clay available for purchase, San took to her garden to dig up some earth and followed her teacher’s instructions to somehow manage to still take part in the lesson.

Ms O’Connor showed San how to process the raw earth into clay, requiring her to wash, dry and wedge the soil.

The product of the hard work from San and everyone involved at Abbey College Cambridge was a beautiful sculpture of a female figure.

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Dr Julian Davies, Principal of Abbey College Cambridge, found San and O’Connor’s efforts ‘truly extraordinary’ and is ‘hugely proud’ of the student:

“In dealing with the challenges of the pandemic and remote learning, we have seen a great many inspiring examples of both our staff and students going over and above to ensure that learning progress is fully on track.

“However, this most recent example is truly extraordinary, and San is a wonderful example to us all, of how sheer determination, focus and a passion to achieve an end goal, can deliver the desired results. Well done San, we are hugely proud of you.”

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