Family Wellness Practice counsellor and psychotherapist, Shumaila Rashid, speaks on Anti Bullying Week

2nd December 2021

Last month we had Anti Bullying Week, schools were encouraged to promote this year’s theme “one kind word”. The aim was to bring pupils together, whilst highlighting the impact our words have on others. In addition, schools encouraged pupils and staff members to wear odd socks to promote uniqueness and individuality.

As we all know bullying can cause stress as well as many other triggers. Which is why stress has also been a key topic.

A little stress can be good for us however high levels of stress can be very difficult and its consequences in children, young people and adults can lead to emotional distress and practical disruptions on your life and relationships.

Therefore, its vital we raise awareness on the impact stress has had especially since the pandemic and post-lockdown. Stress in children and young people has been on the rise, a study done by Young Minds found that children and young people’s mental health and levels of stress had worsened by up to 80%. In addition to this, a 2020 study conducted by Place2b found 62% of educational professionals reporting being overly stressed and overwhelmed.

Raising awareness and encouraging pupils and staff members alike to talk and discuss their stress is vital in making it feel more accepted and being able to combat it.

The FWP offers counselling to both staff members and pupils in order to improve mental wellbeing. In addition, we offer staff supervision to those in pastoral, safeguarding and counselling roles within school who may need that extra support. For further information please contact or visit our website