ISA: Independent and State School Partnerships

Many ISA schools are at the very heart of their local communities – and work closely with state schools, charities and other bodies in their areas. Contributing to the local community is central to the charitable ethos of ISA schools. Whether proprietorial or charitable trusts in their own right, many are engaged in exciting partnerships and projects within their local areas or even further afield.

ISA’s partnerships with schools in the state sector involve the sharing of best practice, expertise and facilities to the benefit of children in all of the schools involved. Such partnerships are always two-way, with children and teachers from all backgrounds enjoying the benefits of collaborative work.

The Association is a proud partner in the Independent-State School Partnership Scheme, sponsored by the Department for Education. This ministerial group is chaired by ISA’s Vice-President, Deborah Leek-Bailey OBE.

ISA schools work with maintained schools in a number of ways. We:

  • Host academic, sporting and cultural events for local state schools
  • Share our school facilities
  • Provide qualified teachers in specialist subjects to state schools
  • Offer holiday child care clubs for local children
  • Share expertise in key subjects and new technologies

The collaborative work of many of our schools (both charitable trust and proprietary) can be found here, on the SchoolsTogether website.

ISA schools have a strong commitment to supporting social mobility, and a number of our school offer means-tested bursaries.

Our schools are also actively engaged in a whole range of charitable fundraising and practical work, both in the UK and abroad.