• Art Competition
    The ISA National Art Competition is held annually.  It is a wonderful opportunity for schools to showcase their pupils’ art and for teachers to share best practice and ideas.  There are dozens of classes to cover different age groups and genres, from 2D art, through to fashion and photography.
  • Comic Strip Competition
    The ISA Comic Strip Competition is a fun way for pupils to create their own storyboard or cartoon based on one of three topical subjects.
  • Cover Design Competition
    The ISA Cover Design Competition is a great opportunity for pupils to work to a brief in creating a sporting front cover for the ISA Sport events. Pupils are invited to design the images for the front cover of our national sports events’ programmes. Copies will go to more than 1,200 spectators.
  • Film & Digital Art Competition
    The ISA Film & Digital Art Competition is held annually. A fantastic opportunity to use both creative and technical skills combined to produce art works in the digital genre. Our three categories, Computer Animation, Short Film and Digital Art offer a range of ways for pupils to explore and showcase their work.

If you have any queries about the competitions, please contact us at

Only schools whose Head is a Member with ISA are eligible to enter these competitions.  Please contact our membership department to enquire about joining ISA.