• A Cappella Competition
    A Cappella, Italian for ‘in the manner of the chapel’ has a religious origin, but the genre has continued to
    grow and change through the years, with the early 20th Century’s Barbershop Quartets to today’s popular film franchise, Pitch Perfect and multi-Platinum selling group Pentatonix giving it a modern twist. Open to all ages, this competition is set to be a new challenge for music students to work across the year groups and produce a vocally charged performance.
  • Musical Theatre Competition
    From Legally Blonde to Les Misérables, the world of Musical Theatre has something for everyone and is the perfect way to show off both musical and dramatic skills combined.
    Choose a song from your favourite musical and learn it off by heart as a solo or in a duet and take part in the ISA Musical Theatre Competition.
  • National Choral Celebration
    It has been proven that music and singing is good for the brain as well as for the the body. According to a Study from Oxford University, Choir Singing improves health, happiness and is the perfect ice breaker. 
    Everyone knows that listening is vital to good choral singing, but we don’t often stop to consider what this involves or how to do it better. For those who have experience and for those who don’t, this workshop is an opportunity to sing with 500 voices. Opening our ears helps us open our minds and our hearts.
  • ISA Young Musician Competition
  • Music Composition Competition

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Only schools whose Head is a Member with ISA are eligible to enter these competitions.  Please contact our membership department to enquire about joining ISA.