Lexden Roll of Honour

The following pupils were nominated by their schools for the ISA Lexden Prize for Sixth Formers 2018, as their “most remarkable sixth form student”.

Being nominated is a great honour in itself, given the number of pupils in sixth form courses at ISA’s 513 Members’ Schools.

Abhiram Sasitharan, Oxford International College (LN)
Ben Ashfield, Trinity School (SW)
Brandon Lino, Queen Ethelburga’s College (N)
Matt Gunnee, Mander Portman Woodward (LW)
Owen Daniel, Rushmoor School (LN)
Peter He, Hampton Court House (LS)
Philippa Allen, Gosfield School (E)
Stella Peterson, Kew House (LW)
T Muil, Claires Court (LW)
Ujjawal Kumar, St Michael’s School (SW)
Zixuan Song, St Edward’s School (M)
Zoe Spearman, Northease Manor (LS)
Eleanor Wise, Webber Independent School (LN)
Habib Abouda, Hull Collegiate School (N)