Paul Moss

Director of Development, St James Schools

My whole working life has been in education, as a teacher, Headteacher, teacher trainer, inspector and governor. Eleven years were spent in State Primary Schools and then thirty-two years in the Independent Sector. Beyond my employment I have supported and held responsible positions in various areas of education; e.g. Chairman of ISA, Chairman of ISA Professional Practice, Chairman of ISA Professional Development. For many years I represented ISA on the ISCTIP panel and was a judge for the Teaching Awards Scheme. Since retiring as a Headteacher in my current post as Director of Development I organise INSET and conferences to inspire and nourish teachers, parents and governors. The current post coupled with my experience as an Inspector for ISI has given me extensive knowledge of the schools in the Independent Sector and their needs. At present I am a Vice-President of ISA and serve this great organisation with enthusiasm and diligence.


Education 4 -13 years
School Development
Teacher Development
Pastoral Care
Contact with Parents
Inspirational INSET and Public Speaking
Ethos of a school
Balance and Content of Curriculum

Location: London and South East
Telephone: mobile 07747 688 416 Office: 0207 348 1789