Interested in Membership

Accreditation from ISA brings your Head into membership of the association, and entitles your school to access a broad range of services, as outlined below.

Support and Advice for Independent Schools

We supply a wide range of support and advice – our over-riding message is that we are here to help and no concern is too small.

ISA HQ Support

Support and advice is readily available from ISA HQ by telephone or online from our team of experts. We aim to be prompt, friendly and helpful, and you can talk to our well-trained staff for impartial and informed advice on areas as varied as staffing, compliance, curriculum and leadership.

National and International Lobbying 

A number of members represent ISA on external bodies such as the Department for Education, Independent Schools Inspectorate and the Independent Schools Council.

ISA accreditation brings your school into the Independent Schools Council (ISC), who represent the interests of all UK accredited independent schools to government and its agencies; politicians of all parties; the media; and other opinion-formers. The ISC Press Office is responsible for relations with national, regional and international media.

Regional Support

ISA’s regional structure means that serving Heads are always nearby to support our members, through pastoral visits and help and advice with specific school issues. Our Regional Ambassadors provide an additional layer of support and advice, providing yearly visits to all ISA members.

ISA membership brings you and your school into a network of colleagues in your area. Our seven regional areas each offer a range of events and activities, including meetings, training and pupil competitions. Wherever your school is located, ISA is a close and supportive presence, ready to share knowledge and experience.

The ISA Online Support Community

Members can sign up to our extensive online support community that covers all aspects of independent school education. Educators across the country share resources and guidance, as well as immediate updates on the latest legislation and best practice.

Courses and Training

ISA’s Professional Development Programme provides high quality training opportunities for a wide range of school staff, promoting excellence in independent education and helping Heads and their staff to keep up to date with the latest best practice.

Bookings for most events are open to non-members, however we also put on two major conferences each year which are exclusive to schools in membership, and provide an excellent forum to meet and network with colleagues from other schools. You can download the Professional Development Programme, and find booking information on the pages here.

Sporting Opportunities & Competitions for pupils

ISA’s Sport programme is one of the largest offered to Independent schools in the UK and includes an extensive range of high profile events, often at some of the country’s most prestigious venues such as the London Olympic Park.

Area Competitions

Members’ pupils have access to an Area programme of events coordinated annually by a designated Area Sports Coordinator, which are hosted and organised by member schools.

National Competitions

Members also have the privilege to enter our prestigious National Sports events. Some competitions require Area qualification in order to reach the National Finals, and while others can be directly entered without qualification. View our extensive offering of national events here.

Arts Opportunities & Competitions for pupils

ISA Arts runs a range of competitions and events that give Members’ pupils and schools the opportunity to showcase their artistic talents and participate against other schools. The offering for arts is continuously growing, and ranges from online events, to national competitions that give pupils the opportunity to perform on stage at esteemed venues. View the full range of arts opportunities we have available here. 

Download our Membership Information Pack, and get in touch with Peter Woodroffe if you would like to discuss membership in more detail.


Feedback from Members

When asked what they valued most about belonging to ISA, members said…

“The ISA team offer such fabulous support and are always extremely efficient and friendly.”

“The chance for me, my staff and my pupils to get into other schools.”

“The kite mark of quality that belonging to a premier association provides.”

 “The CEO and his expertise – he is a genuine support.”

“The sense of achievement our pupils get from taking part in regional and national sporting events.  Parents love it too!”

“The difference being in the ISA has made to my confidence as a Head. I was very anxious about attending the (Heads Induction) Conference, as I was not sure I was up to standard and would feel very outclassed. However everyone was very friendly and the speakers were excellent. Most importantly we do now feel we are not managing alone, being so small can make you worry you will miss important changes in legislation etc.”

“The chance to get our name and news of our successes out there!”

“I can’t even begin to tell you the difference between ISA and the other associations. How refreshing your association is. I just wished I had joined sooner!”

I found the whole ISA conference experience incredibly friendly and enriching As always, excellent speakers who make me enthusiastic to take new ideas back to school.”

 “As a new member of ISA, I have been most impressed with the organisation. When I have contacted the Association, I have received first-class advice and assistance – thank you.”

“Supportive, thorough and everything I have come to know of ISA: I wish more organisations were the same!”

“ISA visited us yesterday to review our compliance and quality. It was a really useful exercise for the School, as it was the first time for many staff and students to experience inspection conditions. I just wanted to let you know how grateful we are for the support we get from the ISA.”