ISA Certificate in Advanced School Leadership

ISA recognises the importance of continuing professional development to our members and their staff. Proactive professional development is an essential element in enabling schools to maintain best practice, and an excellent programme of CPD helps leaders to chart their course through an ever-changing landscape, and to maintain their competitive edge. Introducing, the ISA Certificate in Advanced School Leadership.

What it is

This is a new initiative to recognise excellence in senior leadership and a continuing commitment to improvement. Those who have achieved the award will receive a framed Certificate in Advanced School Leadership from the association, and the acknowledgement of their peers through recognition in the ISA newsletter, social media and on the ISA website. This certificate will add value to your credentials, as a demonstration of your advanced leadership skills and continuing development.

This certificate is open to those leaders (both members and non-members) who wish to develop their skills and knowledge.

The Senior Leadership Pathway courses will offer the broadest possible training opportunities for our members and will support improvement of a range of skills such as:

Strategising, performance management, leading with impact and teaching and curriculum excellence.

How it works

The certificate is bespoke and can be achieved by collecting credits in different ways. You must collect 25 credits in total to achieve the award, and you may choose how you wish to achieve the credits through the tasks below:

  • Attendance at ISA Senior Leadership pathway courses (4 credits per course)
  • Attendance at selected ISA conferences (4-6 credits per conference)
  • Practical work outside of your normal role, such as relevant experience in governance, over two years in a state or private school (6 credits)

ISA will keep track of your credits from attendance at our events. You are responsible for submitting evidence of your practical work to

You can find the selection of courses and conferences that contribute to this certificate on our courses and conferences page, highlighted with [SLP] in the title.