ISA Images and Video Policy

Policy on the use of Images and Video of pupils

  1. Background

This policy sets out the ISA approach to the use of photographic images and video recording of pupils. Throughout the policy “images” refers to still photographic images and moving video recordings. The policy outlines the key principles ISA will adhere to in managing the receipt of images sent from Members’ schools and the publication of images. It does not cover the use of pupil images in individual schools; Members are advised to determine their own school policy based on statutory guidance, good practice and the specific needs of their school environment.

  1. Why ISA publishes pupil images and videos

As part of the ISA service to Members, the Association uses images of pupils and school activities – including images taken at ISA sports and arts events – on the ISA website, social media and in publications including the ISA Journal, Sports and Arts mailings, newsletters and other promotional materials. These images are used as part of the Association’s general marketing activity, which aims to:

  • promote the value of independent education generally;
  • promote the benefits of ISA membership;
  • support Members through the promotion of individual schools.

Some images are sent to the Association direct from Members’ schools, with a request that they be publicised through our various communication channels; or received in response to specific requests from ISA for such material. In addition, professional photographers attend some ISA sports and arts events and supply images for ISA to use.

  1. Consent

All schools should have their own policy in place covering the use of pupil images. Schools should handle images according to their obligations under the Data Protection Act 2018. When a school shares a pupil image with ISA, with an assumption that the image will be published, the Association reasonably assumes that the school has passed on the image in good faith and in accordance with their own agreed policy on the taking and handling of images. This includes ensuring that the wishes of parents restricting or refusing the use of images of their children are respected.

Parents and carers of participants under the age of 18 who wish to take images at ISA events are requested to focus on their own children as much as reasonably possible and to avoid including other children in images, particularly if those images are being shared with family and friends or through social media platforms.

Whilst it is acknowledged that parents/carers wish to celebrate the achievements of their own children when taking part in events, it should be recognised and respected that other parents/carers may not wish for their child’s image to be taken and shared in this way.

  1. ISA Events

ISA often uses external specialist photographic companies for taking images at National events. Companies have their own Child Protection Policy and Code of Ethics which complies with the relevant legislation. An example can be seen on the DE Photo website: ISA staff may also take images at events for promotional use.

When entering an ISA event, schools are advised that images may be taken for future marketing use, as detailed above. Schools are invited to indicate if consent for images cannot be given for all/some of their pupils at the event. Wristbands are used at the event to indicate these pupils to the professional and ISA photographers.

Images taken at some ISA National events are available to purchase on professional websites. Each event album is individually password protected; passwords are provided to ISA staff, schools and parents whilst at the event and after the event via email.

  1. Safer images checklist

In order to build in a further safeguard, ISA will adhere to the following checklist when publishing images of pupils:

  • Always ensure that students are dressed appropriately. We will not publish pictures of pupils in swimming costumes except for those taken in the water and a participant’s anatomy is obscured. 
  • Ensure that electronic images are stored securely and that they are accessed and/or used only by those with authority to do so.
  • Never amend or manipulate images. (Exceptions may be where a badge has been removed or ‘brushed’ to protect identity or where an image needs to be cropped).
  • Do not publish the full name and school of an individual pupil – unless there is a specific request from the school to publicise an individual pupil’s achievement. ISA will publish the first name only of pupils.
  1. Right to erasurer

A pupil featuring in an image, or their parent/guardian, has a right to request that their image be removed from the ISA website and for such image not to be used in future. ISA will comply to such requests within 28 days. Such requests, along with a link to the particular image, should be sent to the ISA Privacy Officer: Contact details are Mrs Karen Goddard, email

Further details on the ISA privacy policy are available on our website.

This policy was last updated:

May 2021

L 3 Safeguarding Officer checked April 2020