ISA Representatives on other Educational Bodies

The people below have been appointed to represent ISA on external educational bodies. In many cases, this representation is carried out on a voluntary basis by an ISA Member who attends the meetings on our behalf and then feeds into ISA HQ and our national committees. We are grateful for the discretionary time that is given to this important task.

If you have issues that you would like to be raised at a national level, please feel free to contact the relevant ISA representative direct. It is useful if you would include ISA HQ in the correspondence, so we are part of the loop.

Boarding Schools Association (BSA)
Areti Bizior
GSA/HMC Universities Sub-Committee James Wilding
Exam Stakeholders’ Engagement Group ESEG (Ofqual) Matthew Judd
Independent Schools Council (ISC) Board Rudi Eliott Lockhart (ISA CEO)
  John Southworth
Cross Association SEND Group Barry Huggett OBE (Chair)
ISC Child Welfare Group Helen Chalmers
ISC Digital Strategy Group James Wilding
ISC Community Action Group    Penny Ford
ISC Inclusion Group Claudette Salmon
JCQ Teacher Liaison Group Helen Stanton-Tonner
NEU/NUT Secondary Umbrella Group Peter Woodroffe
AQA Teacher Association Meeting Helen Stanton-Tonner
OCR Strategic Advisory Board Richard Luker
Pearson/Edexcel Teacher and Provider Meeting Helen Stanton-Tonner
IStip Board (for statutory teacher induction)
Helen Stanton-Tonner
IStip Panel Matthew Burke
Schools Partnership Oversight Board (SPOB) Rudi Eliott Lockhart (ISA CEO)
Vocational and Technical Qualifications Stakeholder Group VTQ (Ofqual) Helen Woodcock
WJEC/Eduqas English Liaison Advisory Group Helen Stanton-Tonner