Requirements for Membership

Candidates for ISA Membership

To be elected to Full Membership of the Association, Members (Heads/Principals/School Leaders) are required to be the person in day-to-day control of the school.

Inspection requirements

To be elected to membership, satisfactory inspection standards within Members’ schools must be reached and maintained.
Where there are no significant regulatory failings and where inspection judgements meet the standards, the heads of schools will be eligible to be brought into membership and, on election to membership, most ISA Members’ schools are then inspected by ISI. Some schools continue to be inspected by Ofsted or by Estyn.

Members are required to maintain their high standards by submitting their schools to ongoing inspections by an approved inspectorate. ISA offers regular training opportunities and support to help ensure that standards are maintained, including a free visit by an expert practitioner in the year preceding inspection.

All members are required to send ISA any ISI, Ofsted or other public reports as soon as these are published.

All schools/colleges with more than 5 pupils of compulsory school age are required to be registered with the Department for Education  and to undergo a Government approved inspection e.g. Ofsted or ISI.

For further information on ISA’s Membership Requirements please contact Peter Woodroffe, ISA Deputy CEO on 01799 581694.


Requirements for Dual Membership

Requirements for Dual Membership
The requirements are as above, but the Association recognises that you have already been accepted into membership of one of the other heads’ associations within ISC. The process is more streamlined and you receive a reduction in ISA subscriptions to recognise your Dual Membership.

Requirements for Affiliate Status (UK, Overseas and Group)

Candidates for Membership
Our Members (Heads/Principals/School Leaders) are required to be the person in day-to-day control of the school/college
The school/college must:
-be registered/certified as a bona fide school/college in the country concerned and be legally constituted in that country (documentary proof is required)
-provide a curriculum taught in mainly or partly in English and based on a British Curriculum.  For secondary schools, recognised British Examination Boards should be used
-show through local inspection reports (as appropriate) and exam results that it is performing at an acceptable level of competence (where available a copy of the latest inspection report will be required)

Requirements for Associate Status (including: Head/Principal of group, school, life and former member)

Full/Dual Members may put forward members of their staff, who have management/leadership responsibility, for school associate status.  Alternatively, a person overseeing the running of a group of schools, where the Heads/Principals of the schools within the group are in full membership, may apply for associate status. Retiring Heads/Principals may apply for life associate status and finally, ex members and ex school associates who have not retired but who have moved to work in non ISA schools, may apply for former member associate status.