Independent School in Birmingham

Abbey College Birmingham is an independent sixth form college in the heart of Birmingham, with around 150 students, most preparing for A Levels with the remainder studying an International Business Foundation Programme or GCSEs.
We have an excellent track record of supporting students to achieve the A-Level and GCSE results that they need, enabling them to move onto university courses of their choice.

We enjoy a safe and secluded location in the beautiful St Paul’s Square, and yet are only a short distance from the many professional, business and leisure opportunities that 21st century Birmingham has to offer.

Abbey College Birmingham was established over twenty years ago and has a strong reputation, both locally and internationally, for its individual, tailored approach to students’ learning and progress. We excel in the business of working with students to help them realise their potential and achieve their dreams.

In particular, students come to Abbey College Birmingham to prepare for university courses in Business, Medicine and Engineering, and the College has long-established expertise and a justly-deserved reputation for excellent teaching in the subjects which lead to these fields – Business, Economics, Mathematics and the Sciences, as well as in the broader range of the other subjects which we offer.

It is said that “teaching is the profession that creates all others” and at Abbey College Birmingham we certainly believe that to be true. Every day, our teachers guide their students towards their chosen careers, one step at a time. They are warm, approachable and, above all, inspirational. Totally committed to examination success, they cultivate a working relationship with their students which is friendly and informal, but underpinned by a shared commitment to academic rigour and the pursuit of excellence.

While the emphasis at the college is on achieving examination success, this is complemented by a thriving programme of activities and events, both to enhance the curriculum and as part of our extra-curricular enrichment programme.

Headteacher: Mr Gary Wright