Independent School in Alresford


Brockwood Park is an international residential school for girls and boys. Students come from over 20 different countries and the mix of cultures provides opportunities to learn other languages and make international friends. With about 70 students age 14 to 19, the school has the feel of a large family rather than a boarding school. Classes have 6 students on average, so teachers can give individual attention to each student.

Students at Brockwood Park have a wide range of academic options. They may develop, in consultation with an academic advisor, their own projects and portfolios in keeping with their particular talents and interests and/or prepare for university entrance examinations (A / AS levels or SAT), focus on ESL certification. Continuous assessment of each student is by written and verbal reports and feedback, rather than grades.

What is different about Brockwood? Apart from family, education is the single most important factor in deciding how the young will meet the world and cope with adult life. Yet education often fails to awaken in students an understanding of themselves, an inner clarity and strength that will enable them to face the  challenges that lie ahead. Brockwood Park School exists as a residential school to ensure that students gain both a good academic education and one that nurtures in them human qualities such as affection, self-knowledge, creativity, integrity and cooperation. The school encourages enquiry about all aspects of life. Students are invited to discuss conformity, anger, fear and relationship with people, nature, ideas, and objects – just as readily as they are required to study mathematics, English and science.

Brockwood Park is situated on a large country estate one hour from London. Teachers and students live, work and inquire together, caring for the estate and grounds themselves. The school is vegetarian and organic ingredients are used wherever possible, many of them from the school’s own garden.


Situated in two converted barns and a straw bale building on a two acre woodland glade, Inwoods Small School, operating as a local day school for children aged five to eleven years, is a ten minute walk from Brockwood Park School and is governed by the same charity as Brockwood. Inwoods has a maximum roll of 30 children per day, and as a small school, seeks to provide an environment that nurtures sensitivity and encourages inquiring and attentive minds. Education at Inwoods means far more than the mere acquisition of knowledge, and learning is viewed as a shared process whereby both teacher and child discover together. The intention is to nurture creativity, encourage questioning, and keep alive enthusiasm for academics as well as non-academic activities.

Inwoods values activities that are hands-on and those that bring about closeness with nature. Competition and comparison are discouraged; children are not subjected to standardised tests. When conflicts arise, they are discussed openly and sensitively together, without resorting to a system of reward and punishment. The aim at Inwoods is to create a space where a child can flower and his or her intelligence can be awakened.

Head: Brockwood Park School: Antonio Autor & Inwoods Small School: Mary-Ann Ridgway