Independent School in London

As part of the Alpha Plus Group, DLD College aims to maintain a ‘gold standard’ of educational quality.

Classes are small enabling students and teachers to focus upon the most effective ways of learning. The College offers superb, modern teaching facilities in the heart of London overlooking The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben & the River Thames. The College is a short work from Westminster and Waterloo stations.

Students are respected, treated as individuals and young adults, and are on first name terms with their tutors. Lessons are engaging and students are challenged to contribute actively, to set high standards for themselves and to take responsibility for achieving, whilst having the confidence that the staff are always on hand to support, guide and encourage.

Helping our students to manage their own study time is a priority. Individual tutorial sessions and a mature approach to learning means that DLD acts as a real stepping stone between school and university.

Headteacher: Mrs Rachel Borland