Independent School in Torquay

 At EF Academy’s private boarding school in Torquay, in the borough of Torbay, our campus extends beyond the classrooms and into the quiet town the school is nestled in. The community – made up of students, school staff and locals – has often been described as a family and you will feel very much at home in this encouraging learning environment.

Our on-campus facilities have been designed to inspire you. The art studio has large windows that face the sea – perfect for landscape study. The purpose-build science labs are ideal for conducting experiments and research in class and with study groups. Our international private school in Torbay is located on top of a hill and its most prominent feature is its modern-day castle where several classrooms are housed.

Torbay’s coffee shops, art galleries, boutiques and restaurants are just a stroll away from campus. Here, you will experience how students and locals weave together to create a tight-knit, welcoming community.
 EF Academy Torbay is located in the southwest of England on the south coast of Devon, which lends itself to a variety of activities that take place on or near the water such as sailing and coasteering. Thanks to partnerships with local business, our boarding school students enjoy free or reduced entry or discounts to Torbay’s gym, pool, climbing center, restaurants and cafes.

We are dedicated to ensuring students at EF Academy Torbay feel comfortable and supported by teachers, guidance counselors, house parents and host families at every stage of their high school education – particularly between the IGCSE and IB or A-Level program and throughout the university application process. Most students apply to universities in the UK, but our experienced university guidance counselor also supports students who wish to send their applications to schools in the U.S. and their home countries. This personalized university guidance process involves arranging college visits and working with students on a one-on-one basis to determine what programs they should apply to.

University applications are made early in the final year of A-Level or IB studies and offers are usually received by early Spring. The Director of University Guidance at Torbay helps students to plan their university applications and decide which offers to accept. Support is also available when the results are received during the summer so that our student achieve the best possible university placement.

Head of School: Mr. Mark Howe