Independent School in Cambridge

Heritage School, Cambridge, for Girls & Boys, Aged 4-16
Heritage School, Cambridge, for Girls & Boys, Aged 4-16


Heritage is an ambitious, independent school situated in the heart of Cambridge.  With small class sizes and competitive fees, it offers a rich and challenging curriculum for boys and girls, age 4-16. The school’s first set of IGCSE results have shown academic excellence, with 92% of all exams taken being awarded A*, A or B. The school however is focussed on more than just results.  It looks at the development of robust intellectual development for its own sake and upon other facets of personal development.  It looks to prepare young people for life.

The small class sizes (16 pupils per class in the junior school and 18 in the senior school) create a secure and intimate environment in which children grow and learn.  The whole school, (180 pupils) has a unique atmosphere in which every individual matters. Pupils have a strong sense of belonging, are highly motivated and have excellent relationships with their teachers and one another.

The curriculum is rich and stimulating, balancing the development of core skills with, for example, Picture Study, Nature Walks, Nature Painting, Composer Study and a varied Enrichment programme.  15 IGCSE subjects are offered, a full sports programme is provided together with annual camps, D of E, plays and concerts and regular outings in Cambridge and beyond.

Heritage is a school that needs to be experienced to be understood. Please do look at our website for further information or contact the School Office to arrange a visit.  We look forward to welcoming you.

(E)   (T) 01223 350615

Headmaster: Mr Jason Fletcher