Independent School in Ipswich

Founded in 1878, Ipswich High School has a longstanding reputation for offering an exceptional education and experience to pupils. We lead the way in education with an innovative and personalised curriculum, allowing the right amount of flexibility and support for each individual. We provide a strong, vibrant and thriving educational community for children aged 3 to 18, allowing our pupils to succeed and grow at all stages of their school education.

Our beautiful 84-acre campus is located in Woolverstone, just outside Ipswich. The spacious site has superb facilities such as a theatre, ICT suites, a 25m swimming pool, Sixth Form suite, cookery rooms, dedicated music rooms and floodlit AstroTurf pitches. We also capitalise on our outstanding natural surroundings; our woodland provides an outdoor learning area for the Prep School, offering a unique, proactive learning experience in an ever-changing environment.

From September 2018, we will be offering the Diamond Model of education. This model is seen as an approach which not only gets the very best from pupils, but also from teaching staff, as they are able to tailor their professional techniques for girls and boys. The model offers the benefits of the single-sex classroom for ‘pre-teen and lower-teen’ students, whilst gaining from the social benefits of a co-educational school at other ages. The Diamond Model recognises that, as girls and boys reach their teenage years, they approach their learning in different ways. Boys, for example, are more spatially aware, and girls have well-developed verbal skills.

At Ipswich High School we pride ourselves on the academic excellence of our pupils. Year after year, their exam performances are a testament to both their incredible hard work, and the stimulating learning environment that we are able to provide. Once again, we see a steady increase in our GCSE results, a trend for the last seven years. The 2017 GCSE A* to C pass rate was 96.7% with 70.4% of all entries at A*or A grade. The A Level pass rate was 96.7% with 38.5% A* or A grades awarded in 2017. Our pupils progress to degree courses in a wide variety of subjects and last year 100% received offers from their first-choice universities, with 57% accepting a place at a Russell Group university.

Our Enrichment programme is embedded within the school day and offers a wealth of diverse and engaging activities to our pupils, with over 80 enrichment activities on offer throughout the year. These activities give your child the opportunity to further develop a variety of skills, promoting growth and enthusiasm. Enrichment begins for our pupils in our Prep School and runs all the way through Sixth Form. Our school timetable allows us to add nine enrichment periods a week, varying from midday sessions to sessions that close out the school day.
We welcome pupils from across Suffolk, Essex and South Norfolk, many of whom travel to school using our extensive coach network. We are proud to develop pupils who are inspirational, respectful, courageous, ambitious and have real integrity.

Headteacher: Ms Oona Carlin