Independent School in London

About London Christian School (LCS)

Established in 2007, London Christian School is an independent primary school that exists to provide an excellent Christian education for children in London. We do this by teaching a creative and engaging curriculum tailored to individual pupil needs, nurturing a love for learning and celebrating pupil achievements.

The school has 123 pupils across eight classes, aged three to 11 years. Class sizes are kept small so that the curriculum can be differentiated to the needs of each child, allowing them to grow both socially and academically. Our carefully crafted curriculum is built around a traditional Biblical Christian understanding of the world and pupils learn in a nurturing environment in which they feel safe and happy.

Based in Borough, our central London location provides fantastic opportunities to visit places of great historical, cultural and geographical interest and pupils benefit from a range of learning experiences outside the classroom.


Head: Miss Nicola Collett-White