Oaks International School is a small and flourishing independent day school, specialising in the education of children aged 2 – 11 years old, from the UK and overseas. We promote a culture of international mindedness, where all children and staff value different cultures, embrace diversity and know the importance of different perspectives on all areas of life in our increasingly inter-connected world. Our children learn from an early age to respect the different cultures and languages of their classmates and enjoy making friends from Cambridge and around the world.

Learning and the learning journey is at the centre of everything we do.  We embrace the individuality of every learner and we do all we can to enable them to do better than they can ever imagine possible. We support and encourage our students to be self- reflective, independent and to take increasing responsibility for their learning, enabling them to achieve to the best of their ability. We are a happy, nurturing and hardworking school where students thrive in our individualised, supportive learning environment using the International Primary Curriculum alongside the UK National Curriculum.

As an International School we pride ourselves on our language provision. Currently there are 12 languages taught in the school through our Mother Tongue programme This is for students whose mother tongue is not English, and who wish to maintain fluency in speaking, reading and writing while in the UK.  Our English as an Additional Language (EAL) programme also allows students with limited English to thoroughly acquire the skills they require to communicate effectively both inside and outside the classroom. Students develop their reading, writing, listening, speaking and study skills to levels which enable them to communicate confidently, participate fully in class, and succeed within the mainstream curriculum.

The school is part of the International Schools Partnership, linking it to 39 other like- minded schools across the world and ensuring support from a team of global educational experts.

Acting Head: Ms Amanda Gibbard