Independent School in Harrow

Welcome to Regent College

Regent Independent College was established in 2000 as an independent, co-educational college for students from 14 to 19 and dedicated to the pursuit of academic excellence in a safe and positive environment.

Like most parents, I know you are striving to provide the best education possible for your child, to enable them to secure a place at a good university and then look forward to them having a successful and prosperous career.

We know that our parents, who send their sons and daughters to Regent, are hardworking people, many of whom are prepared to make financial sacrifices to give their children the opportunity of studying here. This commitment made by our parents is uppermost in our minds when a new student enrols with us. Therefore, the central mission of all the staff who work at Regent is to help fulfil these aspirations.

We approach all students with care, attention to detail and sympathy for their learning history and current need. Our integrity and compassion are very important to us in all we do.

We are very committed to high quality teaching with students directly learning what they need to do to make their expected progress. Our staff are very experienced. We are committed to careful lesson planning, to respect the different learning needs amongst the student body and to ensure our students make maximum progress. We are creative and entrepreneurial in our approaches and, as a staff team, we work closely together believing that our teamwork will enable better learning and outcomes.

Personal development programme
We affirm that in addition to academic success, it is also important that students build human capital to facilitate
employability, enhance quality of life and contributes to the realisation of their dreams and aspirations. In essence to be a productive member of modern British society. We also recognise that personal development is a process that takes place over the course of a person’s entire life, and in line with our motto, ‘the end of education is character,’ we want our students to develop their personal skills that will enable them to move onto the next stage of their education as well-rounded individuals.

Bearing your child’s personal development in mind we have developed ‘Thinking into Character’. This is a brand new, transformational life-changing programme which only Regent Independent College offers, which will teach your child how to think better, set and achieve their goals, and take actions which will lead to a very productive and happy future.

At Regent, we celebrate diversity and tolerance. Above all, we promote the importance of learning. We emphasize human values, citizenship, leadership, and remain true to our ethos of academic rigour which underpins our motto, ‘The end of education is character.’ It gives me enormous pleasure to invite you to come and visit us and experience life at Regent Independent College.

Head Teacher: Mr Steve Hurl