Independent Day School in Launceston

St Joseph’s is a happy, thriving school that offers every pupil a firm foundation for life, one where happy, successful children are at the heart of all we do. Pupils are encouraged to reach their full potential, whether academically, sportingly, musically or in the arts.
We have high expectations of every child and this, combined with small teaching groups and excellent pastoral care, ensures our pupils develop a confidence that is key to future success.
Visits to the school are welcomed and our pupils would be delighted to show you their school and talk to you about why they feel happy, challenged and proud of their achievements.
St Joseph’s is a vibrant, happy and caring community providing high quality education, preparing each child to meet life’s challenges with confidence and enthusiasm.
St Joseph’s dates back over a hundred years when it originated as a Christian Foundation School. Now a non-denominational school, many of these traditional values remain in its present ethos where care, compassion and community are strong characteristics.
St Joseph’s provides its pupils with opportunities and resources to become confident, secure and decisive achievers with the motivation to look beyond boundaries and exploit fully their natural potential.
St Joseph’s provides a firm foundation for life by educating the whole pupil in a challenging but secure environment.
We aim to nurture every child as an individual to reach their full potential in a secure, positive, fair environment; to be a place where value is equally given to academic achievement and to the wider areas of the curriculum, including the arts, sport and music in its widest sense; to maintain a team of professional teachers who share their subjects with enthusiasm and drive and foster in pupils a love of learning and to encourage pupils to become confident, competent individuals ready to face the adult world.
We are proud to cherish a community which maintains its fine traditions in partnership with parents, teachers and the wider community; to provide sound values for the pupils and to be a forward looking school where the progress of every child is key.

Headteacher: Mr Oliver Scott