Independent School in Walton-on-Thames

Sited in and around a Victorian house in Walton on Thames, Surrey, the school promotes traditional values in support of a complete education. It combines small class sizes and individual attention with a teaching approach that motivates children to be excited about learning. Our children obtain places at some of the best independent schools in the area, and we work with parents to find the right place for each child.

Danesfield Manor School is a non-selective independent school. We believe in the value of differentiated learning and the development of the whole child. We work with children to help them realise their potential. We hold our School Values and Growth Mindset at the core of everything we do at Danesfield. When a child proves to be a very high achiever academically or shows a particular talent in sport, art or music they are encouraged to apply for a scholarship when applying to an independent senior school.

A combination of excellent staff, high standards and a great deal of hard work has resulted in Danesfield Manor School gaining an excellent reputation locally and providing a model for many others to follow.

Our school is built on trust and open communication between each other.  We wish to encourage parents to be part of this open relationship.  This team spirit enhances the work that we can do with our amazing pupils.

Head Teacher: Mrs Jo Smith