EcoPure Water

Ecopure Waters are the leading supplier of on-site water filtration systems and beautiful personalised reusable water bottles for schools. Alongside numerous hospitality venues whom we have been working with for over twenty years, our current educational clients include Benenden, Cranleigh, Eton and Harrow together with more than thirty colleges at Oxford and Cambridge. In addition to the unrivalled purity and associated benefits of a high quality drinking water for your meetings and events the main benefits of in-house filtration are:

  • Savings around 80% against buying in bottled water
  • Reusable high quality glass bottles printed with the school’s unique crest for use not only within the school but also for potential resale to parents and students
  • Greatly Improved CSR credentials – no ordering, storage or waste – certified green savings on our GREEN PASSPORT.

T: 01844 290088