Unifrog is the Universal Destinations Platform – trusted by over 1,500 schools around the world to help students find and apply for the best courses for them.

Unifrog connects students to the best university courses, degree apprenticeships, and school leaver programmes, while making it easy for teachers to track their progress. We are unique in allowing students to compare every post 18 opportunity in the UK as well as a huge number of English taught undergraduate university courses overseas, including the US, Canada, Europe and Hong Kong.

We reduce staff admin time by more than ~40%, and have an impressive track record of increasing access to Oxbridge, the Russell Group, the most prestigious school leaver programmes, and university courses abroad.

Our Application Management tools make the process of writing Personal Statements and Teacher References both easier and more successful, marrying expert guidance with progress bars so that every student and teacher knows their next step and is held to account. Meanwhile, younger years have access to a host of useful tools to help record and develop their skills and competencies while considering which post-school pathways are most suitable for them. We even have the facility for parents to access the platform if you’d like them to be involved in the process!