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The ISA Journal is a benefit of membership, providing a forum for inspiration and ideas for practical application as our Headteachers develop the running of their schools, teaching teams and pupil learning. The magazine is published and distributed three or four times during each school year. Each Journal edition has a theme and contributions explore this in relation to school leadership and educational practice. Short items of School News selected from our website are also featured.

ISA is considering what might be necessary to change public perceptions of the independent sector for the better. This is in the face of a steady decline in the general public’s aspiration towards private education. We hope to dedicate a future issue of the ISA Journal to this topic.
Perceptions won’t change overnight, of course, but ISA is the most representative of the five headteachers’ associations under the ISC unbrella and may well be best placed to respond to this challenge.

We would love to hear your views and ideas on this: quick bullet point ideas to the CEO are fine; or please contact Marie-Ange if you have a proposal for an ISA Journal article.
Deadline for submissions Friday 15 March 2019.

ISA Journal contribution guidelines

For all submissions, questions and suggestions about all aspects of the Journal, including advertising, please email or call 01799 581 693.

Please note we reserve the right to edit content, as required, particularly to reduce content to fit the space available.

Issue 19 of the ISA Journal (February 2019) can be viewed here

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