Global School Alliance

Partnership between ISA and the Global School Alliance represents an exciting opportunity for our shared network of schools to access a wide range of resources, opportunities and experiences to both enhance the quality of education and encourage a global perspective among students and educators alike.

The Global School Alliance is a dynamic and inclusive network of 10,000 educators and schools in 130 countries worldwide, dedicated to promoting and fostering global education. With a mission to inspire and support schools in their journey towards global citizenship, the Alliance provides a range of innovative programmes and resources.

One of its flagship initiatives is the Global School Awards programme, which recognises and celebrates schools that demonstrate a commitment to international education. Through this programme, schools are guided to develop international partnerships, enrich their curriculum, and prepare students for life as global citizens.

With the Alliance's guidance and support, participating schools are empowered to embed global dimensions within their culture and foster a sense of interconnectedness among their students and staff.

The Global School Alliance provides a platform for schools to collaborate, learn, and grow as they navigate the ever-changing landscape of global education.