Gaining credits towards the MA in Educational Leadership at the University of Chester

How can your ISA courses contribute towards a master’s degree?
Leadership courses provided by the Independent Schools Association (ISA) can provide a route for gaining level 7 credit towards the MA in Educational Leadership at the University of Chester (UoC). You are able to apply for Accreditation of Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) which you can use towards a master’s degree in Educational Leadership at the University of Chester.

At UoC we award credits in 20-credit blocks. Each ISA Leadership course and associated reflective portfolio is worth 10 credits. Therefore, you will need to have taken two ISA courses and have reflected on both of these.

To apply for APEL you will need to demonstrate that you have applied your learning from the ISA course and have reflected on your learning.

The University of Chester applies a fee of £220 for each block of 20 credits

10-credit reflective log (generic)
ISA Course title:
Date of taking the course:
Outline the purpose of the course / objectives:

Reflections on learning
You are asked to demonstrate how this course has deepened your knowledge and understanding of both the topic and professional practice. You could demonstrate this by:

  • evaluating what you have learned from the course that is relevant to your professional context,
  • evaluating ways in which your professional practice has been developed by attending this course,
  • explaining how you have applied the learning from the course in your own professional practice,
  • reflecting on previous experiences in the context of the course and drawing upon relevant research (where openly available),
  • explaining how you have impacted your workplace (and colleagues) following the course.

This short piece work gives you the opportunity to:

  • demonstrate how you have reflected on your own experiences and derived learning from them,
  • use your learning to influence and direct future actions.

You should draw on your own reading and research in your writing. Material should be referenced using the APA7 guidelines.

Your piece of reflective writing should be no more than 1500 words.

Additional evidence:
You can also include additional evidence demonstrating how attendance on this course has impacted your professional practice. Evidence can take any relevant form but could include documents, presentations, emails/correspondence, and minutes from meetings which can be included as an appendix to your reflection.

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